Monday, March 24, 2008


We celebrated Easter on Saturday night because Justin had to teach on Sunday up in Logan where he goes to school. My mom had cooked a delicious steak dinner with baked potato's, salad, veggies and rolls. We were all surprised when my mom brought out a basket of Easter eggs and said that we were going on an Easter hunt. I was so excited, I had not been on a Hunt since I was young. My mom had put money in most of the eggs along with gift cards hidden everywhere. It made me feel like a little girl running around! Justin made out with the most money and gift cards, he had swift legs, as Grandma Hardy would say! Easter was really fun this year, thanks mom!

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Joe and Kenzie Graham said...

My mom did the same thing...
It must have been your mom's idea. haha we had sooo much fun. So.. how are things going? How is the "loosing of the weight"? When can we play with you guys?