Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Summer Riding

Aaron and I thought it would be a good investment to get bikes this year for some summer riding. The Legacy Parkway Trail is right by our house so it is a nice and easy walk out our front door, ride to center street and we're on the trail. Monday we set out to find our bikes! We found Aaron this awesome bike at an old bike shop by 9th and 9th in Salt Lake. It’s an old school schwinn cruiser bike that has been fixed up. Right when we saw it in the window Aaron knew that it was THE ONE. Now my expectations for my bike were a little different and little more difficult. I wanted an old looking bike but I wanted it new. I hate when I get something in my head because then I get disappointed. I didn’t want to pay $700 (which started to seem like the normal price for Beach Cruiser). When we got home I did a search and found this website called beachbikes.net and found the one I loved and the best part is that they would ship it to me for FREE. Yah! I love a good deal! Now the only down side is that we have to put it together so I hope that goes well. Also, I totally want to buy a basket to sit in the front on my handlebars so I can put Jackson in there. Aaron is totally against it but I told him to at least let me try. If you don’t know my dog Jackson, he hates car rides and is scared to death of Aaron's longboard (After Aleisha had a run in with him). Every time we even mention the word CAR he freaks out and runs to his kennel so now when we take him in the car he rides in his kennel so he doesn’t dig underneath our seats. I think he thinks he is being protected when he gets squished underneath our seats, yah he’s a dumb dog. Anyways that’s why Aaron thinks he will hate sitting in my basket on my bike, but my vision is that he will love having the wind hit is face and his little tongue hanging out. We will see….

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Brooke Zes said...

how fun, i love bike rides... you should definitely try a basket :) also way to go on your raced woop woop!