Monday, May 25, 2009

My Beach Cruiser

My beach cruiser bike came within 2 days of ordering it which was nice because I didn't have to wait that long. On Saturday Aaron and I took a long bike ride down legacy parkway from Center Street in North Salt Lake to Pages Lane in Centerville. We cruised down to 200 West and ate lunch at Plates and Palates where we met up with Justin. I ordered a basket for my bike which should sit nicely on the handle bars and then... I'm totally set. I love my new Beach Cruiser!

Here is the Story of how my bike came to be...

It arrived and looked like this

These are the instructions that were followed

This guy put it together

And this girl was pretty happy about her new and awesome bike



The Neilson Family said...

That bike would go great where I live. You need to be living by the beach! Way cute! How are you?

Danial123 said...

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aabner58 said...

The in the Barrel3-speed geatures a simple-minded color scheme with a complex geometric frame design to form the utopia of cruisers Comfort Bikes.
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