Monday, June 1, 2009

Beach Party no boys allowed

Well... Except Aaron who helped me out with making yummy drinks and anything else I asked him to do. What a good husband I have! Last Thursday night I had my girlfriends over for a beach themed party. It was Heather's Birthday (May 29th) so we made sure to spoil her with gifts and our lovely singing voice!

For Dinner Lyndie and I made Chicken Sandwiches, Fruit Kabob's and Delicious Margarita drinks that Aaron made.

The girls who came were Brittany, Lyndie, Heather, Morgan, Kenzie and little Tate

Lyndie made the cutest cupcakes that looked like the ocean and sand. This was the idea that got us going on our themed beach Party! She is so creative!

We got everyone flip flops to say thanks for coming to the party!

Its so fun to get together with the girls we always have a great time!


Leslie said...

You girls are so cute...and CREATIVE!

Two and 1/2 Peas in a Pod said...

You do a great job at throwing parties... hint, hint!

Erik and Katherine said...

That beachparty theme is so fun. I know I always say it but you guys do the best things!